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SUB-NORTH (2012-2013 & 2016)

Submission North was created in February 2012 and had its inaugural event on the 1st April that year at the Fighting Fit Manchester Gym which was No-Gi only.


The 1st event created for the novice only competitors with the idea to give as much experience as possible to the beginners in a stress free friendly environment.


Each round had a rule of unlimited submissions so that each competitor got 5 minutes worth of competition experience minimum on the day with a 2nd bout possible if you did not progress in the bracket.


The first event had 35 competitors from a handful of gyms around Greater Manchester but as soon as it was over there was a demand to carry on these events but to include the intermediate and Advanced competitor due to how well run the first event was.


Sub-North then went on to hold four events in 2012, three No-Gi and the 1st Gi only event in October. By the end of 2012 Sub-North was averaging 75 competitors an event with 50 spectators.

In 2013 Fighting Fit Manchester moved and expanded to a bigger gym and so Sub-North held four more events over this year at the new venue with two Gi events and two No-Gi events, averaging 120 competitors and 100 spectators per events from all over the United Kingdom.


After a two year hiatus while Grapple Nation was created and building steam, Sub-North made a return and hosted a No-Gi only event at the All Powers Gym in Stockport again pushing for the beginner and novice competitors. This event sold out in less than three weeks and had over 140 competitors competing.

We will have to see what the future holds in relation to more Sub-North events. Watch this space...

GRAPPLE NATION (2014-2016)

Grapple Nation was created on the back of the success of Sub-North knowing that the events hosted need a new venue to expand to meet the demands of the competitors wishing to enter the event.


The 1st Grapple Nation was held on April 6th 2014 at the Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester and was a No-Gi only event. It had 200 competitors enter with 200 spectators coming to watch on the day.


In 2014, 3 events were held with the final event of the year being the 1st Gi & No-Gi dual event in November. This event had 300 competitors enter and 200 spectators.


2015 brought 3 events within a 17 week turnaround Feb 21st, May 2nd and June 22nd. With the final event of 2015 being the European Championships. This event brought in fighters from all over the UK and Europe including Spain, Italy, Sweden and Bulgaria.


Grapple Nations final event took place on Saturday, 26th March 2016 and was by far the biggest event to day with over 450 competitors and over 200 spectators. This was a Gi & No-Gi event that was called the greatest to date.


So, what's next? We've built a Nation, now it's time to build an Empire!

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